Austin-based digital creative director, copywriter, and problem solver. Currently of T3, previously of mcgarrybowen, Mullen, and others in NYC, Austin, and Boston. I can also drive a dump truck. 

Okay, so maybe they weren't as good as I thought. But they were really good. 

Pizza Hut pitch (2014)

I was tagged on to a pitch late in the game, lobbing in some digital extensions for an offline campaign for mcgarrybowen's Chicago office. Though we didn't win the pitch, I could tell this stuff actually really stood out for the clients on pitch day—lots of note scribbling, head nods, and interruptions for questions. Along with some tactical digital stuff, an art director (Mike Lyons) and I worked up some rough ideas to extend Pizza Hut's app to play with other apps, like What's App and SnapChat. Credit to Jeff Bossardet and Jayson Szott for the Redbox co-brand idea. 

7UP: Supercollider (2012)

Man, I wanted this one. To reboot 7UP for a new generation, we planned to take the lemon/lime mashup to the limit. The plan was to buy a very real and very vacant Texas atom-smasher the US government built in the 1990s, and put it to use as the faux-centerpiece of a goofy-science campaign. Mostly digital, the supercollider would show the amazing results when lemons and limes come together. Branded content, partnerships, and more fun than any brand has ever celebrated. Sadly, they wanted some straight-on TV. Godspeed.  

mcgarrybowen creative team: Russell Lambrecht, Ryan Paulson, Hans Schenck


JCPenney: Holiday Jewelry promotion (2009)

A partnership between T3 and razorfish, JCPenney was seeking to recapture the magic of Saatchi's very expensive (and viraliffic) 2007 holiday jewelry campaign. We pitched some ideas, but "Doghouse, Part II" was somewhat inevitable—like Hangover, Part III. Some nice insights and ideas in this preso, which won some praise but ultimately not the green light. If nothing else, this is a good demonstration how I try to sell ideas with solid strategy, fundamentals, and some light comping to fulfill the "pretty" factor. 



T3 creative team: Jen Faber, Katie Kirkpatrick, Cortney Ward, JR Jasinski, Sarah Suter


UPS: Revenue-generating Ideas (2009)

One of my final volleys at T3 on UPS, we put together a case for several digitally-based products for UPS that would both innovate and generate some actual revenue—the Holy Grail of digital, no? We worked hard to make the case with light comps and solid strategy. It dovetailed with some ideas they already had kicking around, and some new work for T3. Win, win... eventually. 


T3 creative team: Nick Munro, Rich Malley, Jill Runyon, Jonathan Rea