Austin-based digital creative director, copywriter, and problem solver. Currently of T3, previously of mcgarrybowen, Mullen, and others in NYC, Austin, and Boston. I can also drive a dump truck. 

The Morgue

Some moldy hits from earlier days. They no longer warrant feature billing. But in their time they flew proudly, if sometimes—in reflection—a bit naively

Springhill Suites brand site, campaign (2008)
One of the most beautiful and immersive projects I've ever been involved with, we showed off Springhill Suites' mix of style and affordability with a site full of interactive experiences that led to a parallax-ish showroom of the property's features and benefits. These weren't just garden variety experiences: users could blow into their computer mic to "gust" leaves, click to open up floating lillies, and even remix Ingrid Michaelson with a waffle. Huh? Take a look (Ingrid's at 2:29):

WFNX "Still Listening" Campaign (1998)
Highlighting the heritage of WFNX, these ads were a hit in their time. Blending true stories, local touchstones, and indie cred, these had a great narrative sprung from the copy. Full pages in the Boston Phoenix. Still one of my proudest and most personal moments as a copywriter. 

WFNX Print Ads (1995-1999)
Close to my heart, for years I wrote AND designed (!) a ton of stuff for Boston's legendary, now-defunct WFNX alternative radio station. Here are some of my favorites.

Misc. Boston Area Businesses (1994-1998)
As in-house creative, I wrote and art directed ads for local businesses who wanted to advertise in the BostonPhoenix, but had no "agency" to make them. I was a one-man advertising gang for a gazillion local joints.

JCPenney: Back to school (2009), "Lunchlady Your Friend"
A great little DIY ditty for JCPenney's back-to-school campaign, we created and voiced this little rich media app that, for awhile, was all the rage on Gigya. To date (2012) it's still one of the greatest interactive units in their metrics history. Great voiceover by Rich Malley and ace design by Cortney Ward. 

Click on the image below—and then MAKE A LUNCHLADY—to make your own lunchlady...

Renaissance Hotels "interesting Stay" Site and UGC program (2007)
This was an early entry into user-generated-content plays, back before social networks really ruled. "Sharing" things was a new concept. To support a print campaign by mcgarrybowen, my team at T3 put together a site chock full of little interactive experiences that brought the static ads to life. The site got over 21000 submissions of photos and stories about "Interesting Stays" users had made traveling the world, supporting the campaign's tagline. Those who submitted content spent over 15 minutes (!) on average in the site. 

Boston Phoenix "Free" campaign (1997)
When Boston's alternative newspaper went to free circulation, they put me on the front lines with full page ads in our paper and billboards across town. The first and (I'm guessing) only instance of Whitey Bulger appearing in an ad sparked a lot of controversy, including local TV coverage with "man-on-the-streets" in South Boston decrying the disrespectful tone. The publicity paid for itself 1000 times over, and I wondered if Whitey ever saw these ads and had a laugh, wherever he was.